Brain Checkup Program

The brain checkup program aims to detect unrecognized diseases of the brain and brain vessels (like cerebral infarction, aneurysm, tumor) and to prevent the development of these diseases.
The advance of magnetic resonance imaging has made it possible to visualize the brain architecture without any harmful effects, and to easily make accurate diagnoses of brain diseases. Cerebral aneurysms, not accompanied by any symptoms until they rupture, are frequently found with this checkup. A 1.5 Tesla high-powered machine is used for MR imaging.
People who have a cardiac pacemaker, metal aneurysmal clip or artificial cardiac valve in the body are not eligible for MR imaging.

The brain checkup is conducted on each Wednesday, and has two programs:
Basic program consists of MR imaging alone.
Comprehensive program includes MR imaging, body measurement, blood pressure, electrocardiography, biochemical exams (total protein, GOT, GPT, gamma-GTP, neutral fat, total cholesterol, HDL-& LDL-cholesterol, urea nitrogen, creatinine and uric acid), and hematological exams (complete blood count).
Charge for basic program: 24,896 yen (tax-excluded).
No health insurance is available.

Please make an appointment at Health Checkup Center 0265-72-3121 Ext: 2760. (Fax: 0265-78-8538).

Check in: 1:30 pm at Outpatient division of Neurosurgery.