Hospital Laboratory


  1. We are committed to regional health care through comprehensive, high-quality laboratory services.
  2. We respect human right and observe confidentiality in providing laboratory results.
  3. We offer a proper and comfortable environment for patients by improving our quality and mutual trust.
  4. We contribute to social welfare by being in harmony with other medical professionals.
  5. We maintain the highest level of standards by studying up-to-the-date expertise.

Laboratory Services

The hospital laboratory processes the majority of medical specimens.
Samples are sent in to the laboratory by an automated conveyer system.
Reports are provided by the LAN system.
The laboratory is staffed with 22 qualified laboratory technologists.

Hematology,Clinical Chemistry,Urinalysis

Results for chemistry profiles, blood counts and other routine testing are provided before each consultation on a same day basis for specimens collected in the morning. The accuracy of measurements is maintained with great care.


Highly experienced pathologists examine surgical and autopsy specimens. Qualified cyto-screeners deal with vaginal smear and urine sediments.


Swabs, feces, urine, blood, sputum, medical equipment, as well as possible infected tissue are cultured to check for any pathogenic microbes. Their sensitivity to antibiotics is measured. The prevalence of pathogenic microbes found in the hospital is reported to serve for prevention of in-house infection.

Blood Bank

Blood and its components are properly managed and stored for use in transfusion. Qualified laboratory technologists do cross-match testing.


When indicated, patients undergo electroencephalography, electro- myography, electrocardiography, cardiosonography, or pulmonary function test.
Polysomnography, recently equipped, serves for the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome.

Blood Drawing Station

Qualified laboratory technologists draw blood from patients for exams.
Proper drawing and sample handling reduce repeat drawings and errors by mishandling.

Support Services

On request, technologists having expertise in diabetes management instruct patients how to measure blood sugar by themselves and give necessary information.