Philosophy of Nursing

Respecting the dignity of life and human rights, we provide high-quality care with our whole heart and creative mind on a teamwork basis.

Our Policies

  1. We always respect the dignity of life and human rights.
  2. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients.
  3. We place great stress on teamwork and continuous nursing on the community basis.
  4. We help patients participate in nursing and encourage them.
  5. We make efforts to improve our skill of nursing keeping up with the times.
  6. We take part in a sound management of the hospital.

Message from Nurse Executive

Masae Ito, RN
Ina Central Hospital, run by three municipalities, began to provide medical care in April 2003 in a new building that holds 394 beds and gives priority to amenities for patients. We primarily provide high-quality acute care on a teamwork basis and a good environment to receive medical care. We strive to improve our skill of nursing and to find fulfillment in our work. This will improve the health of our communities.
We would be grateful if you could join us as a nurse with passion and ideas.

Features of Ina Central Hospital

1.A good environment to receive medical care.

  • Spacious sickrooms and fine views from sickrooms.
  • Corridors covered with carpets to lessen footsteps and fall-injury.
  • No nameplate on the door to protect patient’s privac
  • A toilet and a washstand next to the sickroom.
  • Necessary measures to prevent infection in hospital.
  • Periodic investigations into patient’s satisfaction.

2.Care on a teamwork basis.

  • Pharmacists prepare all injections at the hospital pharmacy and place medicines for inpatients in a drawer of every bedside chest. They instruct inpatients what and how to take.
  • Qualified laboratory technologists collect blood samples from patients.
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists provide early bedside rehabilitation, and take inpatients to and from the rehabilitation room by wheelchair.
  • Dietetic division members set meals on the over-bed table. Dieticians make dietetic counseling.
  • The electronic records system saves us a lot of time and labor to transfer records.
  • Ward clerks reduce clerical work of nurses.
  • Doctors, nurses, co-medical and clerical staff members take part in conferences.

3.Career path in the field of nursing.

  • In-house training is given according to the ladder education system.
  • Management by objectives is adopted.
  • Training outside the hospital is encouraged and its fees are subsidized.
  • To become a qualified nurse and specialty nurse is encouraged and supported.
  • Long-term training outside the hospital may be allowed.

Action program

1.Improve the individual skill of nursing.

  • Encourage patients and his family participate in nursing, and provide patients with individual nursing.
  • Provide nursing by a fixed team to improve the on-the-job-training.
  • Enrich nursing records using the electronic medical records system.
  • Encourage nurses to receive training and to report at meetings.
  • Make good use of the critical paths and manuals.
  • Observe the ethical principles.

2.Complete medical care on a teamwork basis.

  • Achieve the divisional goals in cooperation with doctors and nurses.
  • Improve joint conferences.
  • Enrich activities as a cancer core hospital.
  • Activate the committees and special teams.

3.Take part in an efficient management of the hospital.

  • Keep up the 7-patients-to-1-nurse system.
  • Improve patient’s satisfaction.
  • Have an efficient bed control.
  • Create and revise critical paths.
  • Save resources and time.
  • Materialize the reform plan of hospital management.