Inpatient Information

Admission procedure

If you agree to be hospitalized, please sign an application form for admission to the hospital.
Bring your insurance document and registration card with you.

What to bring

Your registration card, writing implements, underclothes, bath towels, slippers, toilet articles, tissues, soap, washbasin, and daily necessities. (You can buy these items at the hospital shop.)
Pajamas or night clothes (You can use hospital pajamas at 100 yen a day.)
What you are required to bring with you.
A list of any current medications.

Admission day

Please report to the general reception desk in the entrance hall.
You will receive your room assignment. Private rooms, at an additional charge, are subject to availability on the day of admission.

About your room

Room Accessories: Each patient can personally use a chest for personal items, a small closet, a safe, a refrigerator and a cable television.
A prepaid card is necessary to operate the refrigerator and television. The vending machine of the card is installed in the lounge of each floor. The left over is refunded by the balance machine at the entrance of the hospital store.
Coin-operated laundries are in the ward: 200 yen for washing with a detergent, and 100 yen for dryer.
A special bath is available. Please ask your nurse.


No phone is wired in sickrooms except special rooms. Public phones are near the elevator of each floor.
Family and friends cannot reach you by calling the hospital, except in an emergency.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone can be used at the following places. Please make sure no people have an electronic medical appliance around you, and mind your mobile-phone manners.

1F Waiting room for taxi, Telephone booth, Light court
2F Telephone booth, Family waiting room, Small lounge
3F-6F Single room, Telephone booth, Family waiting room, Wing recess
3F Terrace

Staff members use a personal handy-phone system that does not exert a harmful influence on electronic appliances.

Single rooms

An additional charge is needed.
Special room (Bath, Toilet, Kitchen, Telephone): 15,000 yen a day (not including tax)
Single-bed room (Bath or Shower, Toilet): 8,000 - 5,000 yen a day (not including tax)

About your meal

Breakfast trays are delivered at about 7:40, lunch at about noon and dinner at about 6:00 pm.
Your meals are prepared with your nutritional needs. Please stop eating between meals. If you have likes and dislikes in food, please contact your nurse.
You can take meals at the lounge. Please contact your nurse.

About nursing

In this hospital, the nurses on duty provide full care, and so you do not need to have anyone else to take care of you.
If your family member would like to accompany you in the room, please contact your nurse. When appropriate and approved by the charge nurse, overnight stays are permitted in single rooms.

Medical Social Services

Social work services are available to all inpatients and their families at no additional charge. Social workers can help you deal with the stresses caused by illness and hospitalization. They offer counseling and referral services. Please ask your nurse to put you in touch with the medical social worker.

Disaster measures

In an emergency please follow the instructions your nursing staff gives you. Smoking is prohibited throughout the hospital.

Billing and Payment Policy

Your bill is made at the end of the month and handed or sent to you at about the 10th of the next month or at your discharge day. Please pay at the cashier in the entrance hall.
If you have any questions about your bill, please ask the accountant in charge.