Consultation on SARS

If you are suspected of SARS, please do not enter the hospital, but contact Ina Public Health Office by phone (0265-78-2111, around the clock).
SARS is suspected if you arrived from a SARS-affected area within the last 10 days, and have a high fever (>38 degrees C), and have cough and/or shortness of breath.
Ina Central Hospital makes consultations on SARS following the directions from Ina Public Health Office.

For persons who do not meet the criteria of SARS-suspect (traveling in a SARS-affected area, high fever, and cough and/or shortness of breath), but are worrying about SARS, consultations are made on an appointment basis.
The consultation hours are from 3:00 pm on weekdays.
Please make an appointment by phone at the division of Pulmonary Medicine: 0265-72-3121, ext: 1410.
Please wear a cotton mask while you are in the hospital.
Please wait outside the hospital until 3:00 pm.