Specialized Consultations

Pace Maker Adjustment (Cardiology) Second Tuesday ,Second Thursday
Colorectal Diseases (Surgery) Wednesday am
Pediatric Chronic Diseases (Pediatrics) Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri.  pm
First Month Newborn Check (Pediatrics) Wednesday pm
Infant Hip Joint Chec (Orthopedics) Thursday pm
Midwife (Obstetrics) Monday ~ Thursday
Urinary Stoma (Urology) Wednesday & Thursday
Smoking-Cessation (Community Med.) Second & Fourth Monday  pm
Palliative Care (Care Team) Wednesday & Friday pm
 lymphedema Care   Tuesday & Friday

Consultations are made by appointmentRequest an appointment at the division concerned.
As to Smoking-Cessation, request an appointment at the General Reception or by phone at 0265-72-3121 ext: 2961
As to Palliative Care, your doctor makes an appointment with palliative care personnel for you at the consultation.
For further information, contact the division concerned.