Postgraduate Clinical Training Program


From April 2004, two-year’s clinical training is compulsory after the registration of medical license in Japan. The aim of this training is for newly registered physicians to acquire basic skills in clinical practice, especially in primary care.
In collaboration with Shinshu University Hospital, Ina Central Hospital provides a clinical training program, where trainees do training one year at Ina Central Hospital and one year at Shinshu University Hospital. (Joint program of clinical training at Shinshu University and its affiliated hospitals.)
A two straight years' clinical training at Ina Central Hospital is also available.This provides more hands-on training.
Ina Central Hospital will give trainees a good opportunity to learn emergency care, because Emergency Medicine Division, provides primary, secondary and tertiary emergency care around the clock, 7 days a week.

For further information, please refer to Japanese instructions or contact the Director of the hospital at 0265-72-3121, ext: 2200.