Disaster Relief

Ina Central Hospital has been accredited as a leading hospital for disaster relief. In case of disaster, the hospital receives injured persons as many as possible (up to double the licensed beds) and provides them with emergency care, and also dispatches a medical team to the stricken area. To materialize these relief activities, the hospital has an earthquake resistant structure and is equipped with an emergency care unit, a triage space, a storehouse for food and first-aid items, a private electric generator, a water tank, a disaster information system, an ambulance and a heliport. The staff members are getting ready for dealing with disasters and go into action following the instructions, in collaboration with the fire station and administrative agencies.

How to withstand strong earthquakes

The whole building is mounted on a lot of layered rubber isolators, steel dampers and lead dampers, so that earth tremors are absorbed in these structures and not fully transmitted to the building.

150sets 87sets 59sets
layered rubber isolator
(150 sets)
steel damper
(87 sets)
lead damper
(59 sets)