Our Philosophy

  1. We devote ourselves to improving the health of our communities.
  2. We provide a wide range of medical services to meet community needs.
  3. We contribute to the development of medical care.

Our Basic Policy

  1. We primarily provide secondary acute care, high technology medicine and 24-hour emergency medicine and cooperate with regional medical institutions to complete medical care in the community.
  2. We respect for human rights and provide patient-centered, high quality medical services.
  3. We warm-heartedly receive patients and their families, and provide them with a comfortable caring environment.
  4. We strive to prevent community residents from contracting diseases and to make patients resume their place in society as early as possible after convalescence.
  5. We educate and motivate young medical staff to become able and compassionate, who will take responsibility for medical care in the near future.
  6. We do necessary researches for the development of medical care.