Second Opinion Services

When faced with a serious diagnosis or treatment, you may want to get a second opinion. This can lead to changes in your treatment or reinforce that your current treatment is the best option, giving you and your family peace of mind..
Doctors at Ina Central Hospital offer second opinions for you.

How to get a second opinion

Tell your current doctor you plan to get a second opinion and ask the doctor to be referred to Ina Central Hospital. Ask that your medical records, original X-rays, and test results be shared with the referral doctor.

To schedule a second opinion at Ina Central Hospital, complete an appointment request form and sent it by fax to us together with a referral (0265-74-2234, Regional Medical Cooperation Office). Also, ask your current doctor to send your X-rays and test results to us.
Our staff member will get back to you to match you the most appropriate doctor to access your case and fix the date and time of an interview for a second opinion.

Fee of second opinion service

10,000 yen for approximately 30 min. interview (tax-excluded).No health insurance is available.

What to bring

The original referral.
If you are not the patient, a signed form of a release of information.

For further information

Contact us at 0265-72-3121, ext: 2960 (Regional Medical Cooperation Office)